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The F Word - Women supporting Women: Meet Sonma "I want to be someone who will make a difference in this world…"

First of all, sorry for being so MIA recently. Great, I ghosted my own blog and am now having trouble getting back into the blogging groove. Brace yourself cause I think to have perfectly plausible reasoning for as of why it has been quiet around here. Where do I start?! So many things happened in the past few months the biggest thing being that I moved. I am over the moon and can’t wait to fill you in on all the things that have been done to this place to make this house a home. This will be a continuing journey during which I will do my best to take you along. Besides that, I have been focusing on setting new goals and priorities for the upcoming months and started planning for next year (Midst of year Madness.) Also, I am super happy to say that “The F Word” series has been received so well by all of you. It has been a pleasure introducing so many great women to all of you, sharing their stories and giving an insight of what life looks like for women from all different walks of

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The F Word - Women Supporting Women: Meet Colleen "Don’t let anyone silence your voice – stand tall, be proud of who you are, never compromise your beliefs for anyone or anything."

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